Graduate recruitment that moves!


Immersive Video Recruitment

Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) are highly effective bespoke recruitment tools when you have a great number of candidates to assess. The best results can be now be achieved with immersive video SJTs. They’re exciting, showcase your brand and tell your story like nothing else by providing a realistic job preview. Indigo specialise in producing premium immersive recruitment films, and in partnership with our friends at Amberjack have also worked with Virgin Media, Allen and Overy, and Liberty Global.


From choosing the correct cast, locations and style to developing and enhancing the script, we used our cinematic style to add a premium level of realism to the twelve films. The natural, human element demonstrated Unilever's great working environment and positive attitude towards employees.


Twelve detailed scenarios were filmed in just two days. Working with the client we were able to take their script and identify the most economic approach to filming. Our experience enabled us to adapt to the location, its restrictions and tight security to capture more than required for post production, enabling a smooth creative edit. Unilever were over the moon with the results.


Watch an overview of our Unilever SJT project

Sourcing the right actors for the job is key. Working with Unilever we found a great cast.

Immersive Video Recruitment

Filming in London at Christmas has it's perks! The crew staying around St. Paul's Cathedral meant for easy relaxation.

Immersive Video Recruitment

Actor and model Marios Nicolaides was the consummate professional.

Immersive Video Recruitment

Bonus points for spotting Indigo's Paul Dodd creating the intro sequence in Unilever's stunning London offices.

Immersive Video Recruitment


“What contributed to the brilliant output that Lee and Paul produced was their sharp eye for detail as we well as their high consciousness to deadlines and commitments. Their views were value-adding which made the project more of a co-creation and created a lot of trust. The project ended ON TIME and with better than expected quality! Absolutely recommended.”

Sandra Boutros

Marketing Manager, Unilever